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About Constellation Entertainment. 

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Constellation its a production  company created and directed by  Nicodeme Eddy Toukam .

Constellation Entertainment has been operating for five years. In 2021, the company embarked on its first major movie production titled “L’Axe Lourd” [The Highway]. Released in January 2023, it is the first action movie produced in Cameroon and is currently in theaters across Africa. Two other movies are currently under production (Du Rouge au Noir and Flush). We have many more projects planned over the next few years.

That's why Constellation Entertainment wants to build his own movie production studio in Africa and by the same way continue with the production of blockbusters movie


In addition to generating a valuable and sought-after global export, filmmaking has considerable economic and cultural benefits for African communities. These include employment opportunities, increased economic activity and investment, as well as trade for local businesses. The impact of a potential Constellation Entertainment film studio will be invaluable to the economy for the location retained and the whole country. For this purpose, three (03) cities have caught our attention for their attractiveness, accessibility and commodities: Kribi, Douala and Yaounde.

It is no secret that Africa is ripe for growth opportunities when it comes to the film industry. With so many creative individuals producing films that tell personal, culturally relevant and impactful stories, the African film industry is beginning to stand out. The timing of our movie production studio couldn't be better as it will be ideally placed to capitalize on this global demand.


Also, there has been significant interest from international countries interested in filming in Africa. With its diverse landscapes, quality talents, Constellation Entertainment wants to be the central African hub for movie making. Captain America: Civil War and Tears of The Sun are some of the most famous examples of American movies filmed in West Africa. These movies have demonstrated that African film studios can be viable partners for Hollywood’s global movie franchises and having a world class film studio in Cameroon opens up a new frontier for Hollywood in Africa.


Finally, there is currently no film studio in Central Africa and we firmly believe that by building one in Cameroon will transform the country into a production hub for the entire region.

Nicodeme Eddy Toukam, CEO

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